Anteverted Uterus

The positioning of uterus is defined by the tilt of uterus and location of fundus. Fundus is the top of uterus. Any uterus position is just an anatomical variation of female pelvic and there may be no problem with the positioning. In case a woman has gynecological symptoms or concerns, it is best to discuss that with an obstetrician or gynecologist.

Tilting of uterus may be anteverted meaning tilting forward to the side of bladder or retroverted meaning tilting backward to the side of spine. There may also be a vertical uterus that goes up straight and does not tilt.

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Close to 75 percent of women have uterus that is tilted forward or anteverted and 25 percent have uterus tilted backward or retroverted. In these tilting positions, there are no medical problems related to the positioning of uterus. It is just a function of development.

However, sometimes, medical problems can change uterus position such as uterine fibroid, surgery or endometriosis though in rare circumstances. The positioning of uterus does not have effects on fertility of a woman.

The uterus position may also change due to pelvic inflammatory disease, adenomyosis, pregnancy, and aging. The normal life of a woman such as sex may not be able to change the positioning of uterus. The tilting of uterus mainly describes its position and not necessarily its structure meaning it does not have implications on things like health and fertility.

Why does uterus change in position?

The uterus is attached and held in place by some four ligaments. Two round ligaments are on each side. There is also a vesico-uterine ligament found in front of uterus. A sacro-uterine ligament is found in back of uterus. There is a common believe that the uterus can move freely backward and forward.

If the bladder and rectum are empty, uterus is likely to form a right angle position with vagina. With changes that occur in and around the uterus, they may induce orientation in positioning of uterus in body. Depending on body structure, gynecological history, pregnancies, number of babies, physical health, and menses, the uterine position is able to change.

What does a tilted uterus mean?

In case you have been told by a gynecologist that the uterus is tilted, you should not be worried much. You are not alone because it is something that happens to many women. It is not until a scan or imaging has been done that many women will know the positioning of their uterus.

The uterus could be leaning forward, straight up, or backward but you have no idea the way it faces unless you are examined by a doctor during a vaginal exam. It is the only way you can know the position of the uterus. While tilting of uterus may sound scary, it is usually not a big deal.

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It cannot affect the chances of getting pregnant as many people think. It also does not affect the baby. The angle of uterus may not matter. However, when it comes to effects on sensation during sex, the tilting position may have some implications.

The uterus is quite flexible and sex should not cause pain. Sometimes, you may feel some pain during sex when doing the extreme positions, but if the pain is severe, you may want to consult with your doctor. It may have something to do with tilted uterus. When you uterus is tilted and you are noticing that sex positions are causing discomfort, you need to know how to deal with that by changing your sex approach or position.

Does it matter the way uterus points

In most cases, it does not matter about the way uterus points, and in most cases, women do not know where their uterus. In addition, women do not have symptoms of tilting uterus. Unless a woman has issues with the uterus, there may be no need to bother about the its position.

However, when it comes to surgical uterine procedures and intrauterine device insertions, it is important to examine the position of uterus so that the procedures or insertions are done correctly. This helps reduce risks of uterine perforation. A doctor or surgeon needs to know where to insert or place the intrauterine devices. Similarly, when conducting uterine surgery procedures, surgeons need to know the position of uterus.

 Does tilted uterus affect early diagnosis of pregnancy?

A number of women having tilted uterus are likely to be misdiagnosed with miscarriage. Women with tilted uterus may not see their baby with ultrasound as early as other women. Some report that the gestational sacs look empty for a while before the baby is found.

A tilted uterus may not affect a baby but is can implicate on when a baby is seen. While there may be no scientific study citing that tilted uterus may affect the diagnosis of pregnancy, there are some studies, which try to point out that indirectly.

Anteverted Uterus – Pictures

anteverted uterus

Anteverted Uterus picture


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