Breath Smells Like Poop


Bad breath is something people experience and it may be related to eating habits, dental hygiene, and health conditions. Bad breath may present as a breath that smells like poop. You may experience breath smelling like poop for a little while or it may be a chronic problem that goes on for extended period. When breath smells like poop, it can be disgusting not only to you but also to people you relate with. The people you interact with will smell the foul odor and it may not be a good experience.

Halitosis and bacterial growth in mouth


Halitosis or bad breath is commonly caused by imbalances of bacteria in mouth. This is the number of cause of halitosis. The lifestyle changes people take are the cause of the imbalances in bacterial flora within the mouth. In this case, the imbalance will favor anaerobic bacteria, which survive without oxygen and use iron as the source of energy for their survival.

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The bacteria will break down the tissue in your mouth to get the iron therefore, they will cause bleeding. The iron comes from blood in tissue. The anaerobic bacteria will release wastes known as volatile sulphur compounds, and these are what smell bad.

Anaerobic bacteria unlike aerobic bacteria are harder to remove once they multiply in mouth. They tend to form a mechanism, which protects them from things like antibiotics, mouthwash, and disinfectants. Using a normal mouthwash and toothpaste may not be able to treat the bad breath you are experiencing.

In case your breath smells like poop, you may want to seek help of a dental specialist to find out the cause. When a person has periodontal disease, it causes loss of bone found under the gums. This loss of bone will create a gap, which then becomes home for bad breath bacteria and pathogens.

When bacteria get into the gap, they can form a biofilm layer, which will protect them from antibiotics and mouthwash products. You will need to frequently clean the pockets where the bacteria are housed. Periodontal disease, which is a severe form of gingivitis, can cause bad breath that smells like poop. This smell is caused by the compounds released by the anaerobic bacteria, which are known as volatile sulphur compounds— specifically the methyl mercaptan.

With methyl mercaptan, it not only releases the distinctive poop smell but also remains toxic to the mouth tissue. It may aggravate the gum disease.

Other causes of breath that smells like poop


You may have breath that smells like poop if you have diabetes. People who suffer from this disease will often experience poop like smell coming from their mouth. This is mainly caused by ketones. These are byproducts released during metabolism activity. Ketones are produced when a person takes a low-carb and high meat meal or if one fasts. In people with diabetes, there is insufficient insulin to help in metabolizing glucose therefore, this causes the bad smell.

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People with lung and mouth cancer may have imbalances in chemicals of the body, which may in turn result in breath smelling like poop. Kidney failure is another possible cause of this problem because it is unable to excrete toxins out of the body.

breath smells like poop

Allergies and dehydration may cause breath to smell like poop. When you drink fluids containing alcohol, sugar, and caffeine, the body is likely to be dehydrated. This leaves the mouth dry and thus giving it a foul smell. Allergies may cause watery eyes, runny nose and coughing. When you take antihistamines to treat the symptoms, you will dry up the nasal passages and the mouth leading to breath that smells like poop because of lack of moisture.

Ketoacidosis is a condition that occurs when you skip meals or wait for a long time before you take your next meal. This can make the acids in the stomach to be sour and when they escape through the mouth, it results in the foul smell. You can eat small meals spread throughout the day and take a lot of water to remedy this problem.

People with stomach disorders may also have poop like smell released from their mouth. Acid reflux, GERD, and obstructed bowel or ABS can make the breath to stink. Infections of the upper respiratory and liver diseases are other possible contributing factors to foul smell in mouth.


Treating breath that smell like poop


Oral hygiene is important in dealing with bad breath or halitosis. You will need to brush your teeth regularly or at least twice per day or after each meal. You also need to floss the mouth so that you remove plague.

Dental care can help in dealing with the bad breath but when it becomes a chronic problem, you need a specialist doctor to determine the problem. It may be associated with other disorders and diseases in body. Therefore, eliminating the problem will mean that you have to treat the underlying condition like liver, kidney, or stomach problem. Hydrating the body is also important. You may need to change your lifestyle and stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption.

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