Flutters in Stomach

 The sensation of having butterflies in the stomach is a common occurrence, more so for the individuals who are avid anxiety sufferers.  This feeling can be experienced prior to a big event or when preparing for an interview. It is a kind of spasm or palpitation in an individual’s stomach which, in most cases, is not a serious condition. It is simply a mild discomfort and nuisance that one has to bear with for a while.

As a matter of fact, it is a response of the body to some stressful event or situation. These stomach flutters are usually short-lived and normally disappear soon; nonetheless, the episodes can recur every once in a while. At times, the unhealthy eating patterns can lead to gasses and indigestion. This can later on result in distressful breathing.

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Finding the root cause is very vital when the jerks and twitches in the stomach become repeated and persistent, since this can distract you and bring down your productivity, as well as hamper the routine of your activities. After knowing the reason behind the stomach flutters, it will be easy for you to treat and control the spasms.


Causes of Flutters in the Stomach


Emotional upsets: Fear and anxiety are the top causes of the funny feeling in the stomach that is mostly known as a flutter. Anxiety and fear can manifest in physical signs. The body normally responds to these kinds of situations by producing hormones cortisol and adrenaline. They interrelate with varied organs with the inclusion of the stomach. The smooth muscles surrounding the stomach will experience spams that one may refer to as butterflies in the belly. In addition, there is a decreased circulation of blood and the production of acid in the stomach.


Pregnancy: The fluttering feeling in the abdomen and stomach is a very usual thing amongst the pregnant females.  The fetal movements are mostly the cause behind these flutters. It can start as soon as 13 weeks of a pregnancy when the fetus is able to react to external disturbances or even when the fetus hiccups.


Indigestion: Mostly, indigestion leads to gasses being produced in the stomach. These gasses in turn will irritate the vagus nerves which ultimately innervates the heart as well as the stomach. Thus, the irritation caused to the vagus nerve will lead to palpitation in the stomach and heart.


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Starvation: The stomach is responsible for secreting juices that play the role of aiding in digesting food. Nevertheless, the enzymes and juices produced can be harmful to the wall of the stomach and even irritate the stomach lining when one does not eat enough food or when one starves for lengthy periods of time.


Fluttering feeling in stomach – Treatment

 In most instances, the fluttering of the stomach is a temporary condition that subsides after a while on its own. There is normally no requirement for strong medication to treat the disorder.

In few circumstances like in the pregnancy cases, the woman will just have to bear with the situation. She will have to prepare herself mentally since the movements and kicks only increase as the pregnancy progresses. Actually, after some time, most women will not view these spasms as a discomfort but will start enjoying the fluttering feeling and the kicks.

If fear and anxiety is the frequent cause of the gastric discomfort or flutters, looking for methods of reducing the anxiety will relieve the stomach fluttering. A lifestyle change that encompasses yoga and meditation will aid in reducing these repeated flutters.

It is important that such people with stomach flutters eat healthy meals that do not produce gas or cause indigestion. It is also advisable to keep off products containing too much caffeine.

The main thing to note is that is quite tricky or even impossible saying for sure what could have caused the stomach flutters. This is the reason why it is recommended that you speak to or see a physician. The medical practitioner will order for the right tests including and not restricted to ultrasound and colonoscopy.

It is crucial to pay the doctor a visit, so that they can carry out the elimination process that will rule out any possibilities that must be ruled out, and take the necessary measures soonest, to take care of the discomfort and problem.  Prior to visiting or seeing a doctor, it is good to pay close attention to the kind of issue you have. It is also advisable that you think of keeping a log or record of the stomach sensations, when the flutters occur in the day, for how long they persist, among other similar details.



The primary cause of stomach flutters can simply be anticipation of an event or activity, a consequence of something you drank or ate, or probable dehydration.  When other symptoms are experienced, it can be a warning sign of a more grave condition. It is therefore paramount to see a physician; it can either be good or bad news.

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