Is Drinking Water before Bed Good or Bad?

Water has nutrients essential for the health of the body. It is also ideal for maintaining beauty and longevity. Going without water can result in poor health. Many people may be asking themselves whether it is good to consider drinking water before bed. The answer to this question is yes and no. Whether it’s okay or not to drink water just before going to bed may depend on a number of factors. You may drink water before bed if you are prepared to deal with the episodes of having to wake up at night frequently to urinate. Health conditions like heart and kidney problems may dictate whether you can take water before going to bed. It also depends on the amount of water you take.

It’s okay to drink water before bed if you are in good health

In case you do not have heart and kidney ailments, you may consider having a glass of water before sleeping. It is also important to determine whether you will be able to withstand waking up at night to empty your bladder. If that is fine with you, then you can drink water prior to going to bed.

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Water may help hydrate the body. The body loses water in daytime from various activities and body mechanisms such as sweating. When you take water before bed, you will be replenishing the fluids that have been lost. You are hydrating the body. You will refill the lost fluids when you take water at that time since the body will not excrete as much during sleep.

Water may help promote sleep. Water helps balance the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in body. It also balances energy levels, hormones, muscles and joints thereby relaxing the body and rejuvenating the mind. You can sleep consistently by having some water before going to bed. It helps keep the body in harmony.

It also helps clear toxins in body. Water is a natural cleanser that can help remove toxins. When you take water at bedtime, you will supply the body with means to do away with unwanted substances in body. Water also aids in digestion, which is the means by which the body extracts nutrients from food.

When the digestion works properly, it reduces overworking of the liver. Water also maintains healthy weight. Taking water at time of bed may help increase the metabolism rate, thus burning calories. Since when you sleep, you are not taking extra calories, by taking water, you will allow the metabolism to increase so that you warm up. The body uses the excess calories to burn up. Water will also thin blood allowing the liver to filter it easily.

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water glass before sleeping bed


When it’s not okay to drink water at bedtime

It’s not a good idea to drink water before bed if you suffer from ailments such as heart and kidney disease. The excess water may put more pressure on kidneys or heart, which are already weak and cannot remove fluids in body efficiently.

You may also disrupt sleep when you drink water before sleeping. You may have to wake up numerous times to empty the bladder. Having a good night’s sleep is idea for your health. You may avoid taking water immediately before you go to bed if you cannot function well without sufficient sleep. You may want to take water about 2 hours before you sleep so that substantial amount is excreted in urine by the time you sleep.

The best time for you to drink water

While you may want to drink water just before you head to bed, it is important you spread out the drinking of water throughout the day. You need to take water when you wake up. The organs in body are activated by having a glass of water in the morning. It helps flush out the toxins present in body before starting with the first meal.

Consider having a pint of water instead of coffee or tea, which tend to act as diuretics and result in fluid loss. You can drink water at time of having a meal. Just before you have a meal, about 30 minutes, you can have some water. It increases satiety level and prevents taking in too much calories, especially if you are under a weight management regime. Overweight may lead to things like fatty liver disease and stroke. When you drink water before a meal, you enhance the function of liver and keep it clean.

It also helps stimulate the digestive enzymes as well as production of bile to prepare the stomach to digest food. You may also want to take water before, during, and after exercises. You prevent hydration when you take water in time of exercises. This is important in people with fibrotic liver. People who are ill also need to drink a lot of water to keep well and enhance the body’s defense mechanisms.


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