Red Dots on Roof of Mouth


There are different types of sores that can occur in the mouth and they develop inside or around the mouth. Some sores may be painful or while others are not. Some are unsightly and could be a sign of a more serious condition. Having red dots on roof of mouth could mean that a person has an infection, injury, or some other condition that is causing soreness to occur in mouth. In case you have a sore that does not go away in 10 days, you may want to consult with a doctor.

Common causes of red dots on roof of mouth

Red spots appearing on roof of mouth could be due to many reasons. Some may just be a minor inconvenience but others could be a sign of some serious health issue that needs to be investigated. People who have red dots on their mouth especially the roof would want to know what is causing them. These red dots on roof of mouth may be due to canker sores.

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It is possible that you have had canker sores at some point in life. The sores are usually common inside lips but at times, they can occur in roof of mouth. Canker sores are caused by things like stress, coming in contact with some irritants or eating particular foods. The sores start as some small red bumps, which tend to have a white center. They can develop in mouth on your tongue and inside cheeks or the gum line and throat.

Candidiasis may also make a person to have red dots on roof of mouth. Oral candidiasis, also known as thrust is a fungal overgrowth that may occur in mouth. This may arise when one has had oral sex. It causes white patches or red bumps in mouth. Oral condidiasis is common in people who have dentures and diabetes. The symptoms include having white spots on the tongue, difficulty swallowing, and sore throat.

A virus known as coxsackievirus is associated with the red dots occurring on roof of mouth. This is the virus that is behind the foot, hand, and mouth disease, and it can result in painful blisters and the red spots on mouth, hands and feet. The coxsackievirus is common in children especially those under the age of five years, though, it can occur in all ages.

Red spots on roof of mouth may occur when there is thinning of the lining of mouth. The thinning of mouth lining may occur resulting in nearly exposed blood vessels. When the mouth lining becomes thin, you may find that the tiny blood vessels also known as capillaries are closer to surface. This makes the palate to look dotted with some red spots. The lesion areas or erythroplakia are on surface meaning that they will tend to scratch and bleed easily.

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It is important to seek medical attention if you have erythroplakia because, at times, it precedes the growth of cancer. People with oral herpes may show signs of red dots appearing on roof of mouth.

Oral herpes typically manifest in form of red spots on palate of mouth, which are followed by some gray or white ulcer. It may take the ulcers longer to develop than the red spots. Oral herpes is an infection that is caused by type-1 of the herpes simplex virus. It can be passed on from one person to another by contact with the saliva of an infected person.

red dots roof of mouth

Injuries occurring on mouth could result in the red dots you are seeing on the palate. You may at times hit the mouth with some hard food item, for instance, a pretzel that could cause the red spots. Sometimes, they may be caused by something hot you took that caused burning of the tissue and development of sores.

Other possible causes of red dots on roof of mouth are lichen planus and petechiae. Lichen planus are chronic lesions that are itchy and inflammatory. Apart from seeing red spots on roof of your mouth, you might also notice lace-like or some white spots on the skin or mouth’s palate.

Petechiae occur when small blood vessels found underneath the skin rapture. This arises due to bleeding disorders, excess pressure on capillaries, and infections. The condition will tend to cause the appearance of purple dots on skin and the red dots on palate.


When you have red dots appearing on your mouth especially the roof of mouth or palate, you may want to seek help of a doctor, particularly if they are taking long to disappear. Treatment is based on the cause of the red dots on roof of mouth. A doctor will evaluate the condition to determine what may be causing it. In case it is a disease causing the red dots, medication may help heal the disease and prevent them from occurring.

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