Sigmoid Colon Pain

SCP is an inflammation of the bowel. The symptoms could vary from mild to severe depending on the position of inflammation. The sigmoid column position is at the edge of the large intestine. It is responsible for storing fecal matter and also for ejecting it.


The sigmoid colon is an S shaped bowel and is about 40 cm in length and leads right up to the rectum. During surgery patients are sedated and a sigmoid scope is introduced. If needed the entire colon can be removed or also a portion of it can be attached to the rectum. Patients who are above the age of 50 are usually perfect cases of severe constipation and unable to pass wind for many days on end. At times like this the sigmoid is so extended that it reaches the chest bone.

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Post operative procedure, the patient is allowed to eat and drink as he feels like. They are also asked to mobilize so as to get onto their feet as soon as possible. Hospital stay is for about 2 – 5 days but sutures are removed after a fortnight. Once discharged from hospital patients are advised not lift heavy weights or increase physical activities for about one and a half months. Patients are advised to take small but regular meals. However, patients are advised to adhere from intake of spices and products containing extra roughage. There should be a great increase in water intake while increasing the intake of fiber.


Foods that are low in fiber and are soft and easy to digest decreases the chance of diarrhea. White rice, white bread, yoghurt and cereals are recommended. Foods that are high in fiber include whole grain cereals, raw vegetables, raw fruit and tough meat. Foods that could be the cause of diarrhea include spinach, broccoli, dried beans, caffeine, chocolate, beer and red wine. Fruits that increase flatulence are all citrus fruits, bananas, apricots, raisins and among vegetables cabbage, sprouts, brinjals, onions and potatoes. After a sigmoid colostomy it is quite natural to have gas, flatulence and diarrhea. This is because the body needs time to replace enzyme and bacteria to help in digesting the food

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Volvolus of the colon occurs among patients of who are over 60 years of age and complain of severe constipation. These symptoms are colicky abdominal pain and asymmetric distension of the abdomen. There is abdominal tenderness on gentle palpitation of the abdomen. An X ray examination of the abdomen would show convoluted loops forming the omega loop sign.Acute volvolus of the right colon results in about ten per cent of rectal obstruction. Women are prone to have a higher percentage of the same as research shows.


Another disease that affects female of fertile nature is Endometriosis which effect rectum and sigmoid. The intestine involved is over twenty five percent. There is complete obstruction of the bowel lumen in the case of Intestinal endometriosis. Symptoms related to the menstrual cycle and its history may lead to the diagnosis of Endometriosis.

In bed ridden patients and chronically ill patients fecal compaction is the common cause and can be detected by rectal examination. Enema is repeatedly used over a couple of days so that the colon is emptied of its fecal matter.

The location of the pain could be either to the right or left of the colon. The course of the colon is divided into four parts namely ascending, transverse, descending and sigmoid colon. Pain in the ascending arises in the right side of the abdomen. Pain in the traverse arises in the upper part of the abdomen. In the descending part pain arises in the elf part of the abdomen and in the sigmoid pain arises in the lower left part of the abdomen.


There are number of causes that lead to the pain in the colon such as trauma, infection, vascular and growths. Trauma is due to an injury with a blunt forced object or also during surgery. Colon polyps which grow on the walls are usually benign in nature till a later stage when it blocks the colon. In vascular there is an interruption of the blood flow to the colon. The low supply of oxygen causes ischemia which can occur for a very long period. Also fiscal accumulation in the sigmoid colon could end up as a dry lump causing severe constipation.

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