Sun Poisoning Rash


Excessive exposure of sun on the skin causes allergic reactions that give rise to itchy reaction and allergy. Harmful UV rays of sun cause sun poisoning rash which is nothing but a severe form of sunburn. Many times this sunburn turns into more severe stage called photo dermatitis. Itchy skin rashes, redness in skin, inflammation and tanning are some symptoms that can be observed for concluding that a person is suffering from sun poisoning.

Causes of sun poisoning rash

Sun poisoning or photo dermatitis or solar dermatitis is generally experienced by people who have fair skin. Although, anyone can be sensitive to sun rays and experience allergic reaction from the same but those having lighter complexioned skin are more prone to this. This is because fair-skinned people lack melanin. This is a kind of pigment which is responsible for protecting skin from harmful UV radiation. Lack of this skin pigment makes a person sensitive for sun and the fair skin become prone to sunburn. The main reason of sun poisoning is tanning bed. In fact, allergies like sun poisoning rash, sun burn and sun blisters are reactions as a result of skin damage triggered from sun rays.

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Symptoms of sun poisoning

As sun poisoning is a severe form of sun burn, the symptoms occuring is this condition are more or less similar to sun burn. But something to be more severe here is that unlike the sunburn, sun poisoning is characterized by inflammation means hot, painful, red and swollen skin with peel and blisters. Here is the list of symptoms which are generally experienced in case of sun poisoning –

  • Sun blisters
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Red and itchy bumps
  • Nausea
  • Chills
  • Dizziness
  • Fever

Intensity of the above mentioned symptoms also depends upon the severity of rashes. Many times, the sun poisoning rashes looks same like sun burn while in other cases, you may see severe bumps in raised form.

One more thing to play an important role for determining the intensity of rashes is the level of your sensitivity for sun exposure. If you are more sensitive to sun, you will experience severe rashes while those who have lesser photosensitive skin don’t catch sun poisoning soon. Many times, regular consumption of certain drug or special medication may increase the level of photo-sensitivity in a person. Another side of the fact is that certain drugs cause photo-sensitivity and people mistake to identify them as sun rash. This happens due to occurrence of same kind of symptoms in both the conditions. Only indepth medical evaluation can characterize finally whether the reaction is photosensitivity due to use of drug or really sun rash.

Treatment of sun rash

Although, there is no well identified treatment for removal of sun rash but many good ways are there to offer relief to your skin in such condition. Pain, itching, swelling and inflammation can annoy you and this is why, you might have been looking for swift recovery. Here are some ways to treat sun poisoning rash.

Shower with cold water

The most conventional but easiest and effective way to get rid of inflammation in sun rash is shower with cold water. Take cool showers for reducing the temperature of your body and avoid scrubbing your skin during sun rash. Also, choose a mild body wash rather than using soaps. It can be harsh to skin.

Calamine lotion

Regular application of calamine lotion on itchy and red skin is also useful. This will help your skin to recover faster.

Baking soda

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Baking soda has medicinal properties to sooth your skin during sun rash. You need nothing but just to add two spoonful of baking soda in water and take bath with it.


One of the good ways to avoid pain and uneasiness in case of sun rash is use of anesthetics. Application of topical anesthetics like benzocaine is good idea. Apart from this, you can also use some pain relievers like Tylenol and Advil that reduce pain and inflammation.

Natural herb aloe

Aloe vera gel has magical properties of repairing your sun burnt skin. Extract fresh gel of aloe vera over the sun burnt skin directly for cooling experience.

Precautions and prevention 


As there is no well mentioned treatment of sun poisoning rash, prevention is the best thing you can do for avoiding this condition. Take all the required steps for sun protection whenever you go out in sun. Cover your face, neck, hands and other open parts of sin well with cotton clothes and tie scarf on hair. Protect your lips with sunscreen lip balm. Apply sunscreen on your sun exposed skin and wear sunglasses on eyes. Take special care of applying sun-block lotion when you are on a tanning bed. Don’t be exposed towards sun continuously for over 15 minutes.

So, this is all to know about sun poisoning rash. Hope this information will help you stay away from this severe allergic condition.

Sun Poisoning Rash – Pictures

sun poisoning pictures rash

sun poisoning rash photos

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sun poisoning rash pictures

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