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Collagen Deficiency

Because of the diverse location of collagen types, they are linked to so many diseases. The diseases associated with collagen are usually as a result of nutritional deficiencies or genetic defects. These kinds of defects mostly lead to problems in the collagen molecules biosynthesis, posttranslational modification processes and their assembly. There can also be defects […]

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Apical Pulse

Apical pulse is found in the chest, near the heart. It refers to the pulsations at the apex of the heart.  In other words, apical pulse is defined as measure of cardiac function, arrived at by placing a stethoscope at the apex of heart and counting for a minute. The heart is so located that […]

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G6pd foods to Avoid

This is an incredibly common inherited condition, which is acquired from the parents and cannot be acquired externally. This can be inherited from one or both the parent. It is estimated that about 600 million people suffer from this condition. This is more commonly seen in African Americans and people of Mediterranean lineage. Therefore in […]

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