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Cataract Surgery

The eyes are sensitive parts of the body; since they are exposed to elements like dust wind and other potentially dangerous matter, extra care needs to be taken to safeguard these visual organs. The eye lens, just like the camera lens, can experience depreciation for one reason or the other, and this situation can beg […]

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Meniscus Surgery – Recovery Time

Meniscus tear is a very common type of injury to cartilage that cushions and stabilizes the knee joint. The kind of tear suffered can determine if it can be repaired or not. Radial tears, depending upon where it is situated, can be repaired. However, horizontal, long-standing, degenerative, and flap tears that happened due to long […]

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Diastasis Recti Surgery


Diastasis recti occurs when there is separation of abdominal muscles such that they are no longer located close to each other. This condition may be caused by pregnancy. The separation occurs when rectus abdominis muscles becomes separated by more than 2.7 cm. While it is common to pregnant women, it may also occur in new […]

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