Throbbing Pain in Thigh

The thigh is the region of the human body extending from the pelvis up to the knees. Any kind of throbbing discomfort or pain which affects these regions can be termed as thigh pain. Such pain can arise due to several reasons but all in all, a sudden stabbing or throbbing pain in thigh can not only be painful but also causes lot of discomfort. They impede daily activities and hence the reason for such pain and discomfort needs to be diagnosed at the earliest.

The pain can happen if someone twists their leg, or has incorrect sitting posture, or even due to muscle dysfunctions. Additionally, early diagnosis of such a condition will prevent occurrence of chronic conditions, which can prevent movements and restrict routine operations. Also, some systems can act as indicator of serious infections or dysfunction.

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The structure of thigh region includes muscles, tendons, bones, nerves, blood vessels, and ligaments. Thigh muscles provide structural support, enable movement, and both the thighs together bear the weight of the body. Thigh tendons anchor thigh muscles to bones of pelvis and to the lower leg.

The ligaments hold thigh bone or the femur together with pelvis and lower leg bones and thus create the knee joints and the hip. The nerves in this region regulate movement and sensation, and the blood vessels maintain a constant blood circulation to as well as from the thigh region. Any of these structures are susceptible to injury, disease, or infection that leads to stabbing or throbbing pain in the thigh.


When does thigh pain occur?

Thigh pain can occur either gradually or suddenly. A cause occurring over a prolonged period of time can lead to gradual occurrence of throbbing pain in thigh. However, a severe cause can lead to a sudden stabbing discomfort in the thigh structures. Individuals suffering from gradual or sudden thigh pain have experienced parenthesis, a pain-like sensation which is experienced like someone is pricking the skin with pins and needles.

Thigh pain can also be experienced as burning sensation. Such discomfort can be very uncomfortable impeding walking and restricting movements.

throbbing pain in thigh

What are the causes of throbbing pain in thigh?

Thigh pain can result due to varied reasons including normal growth as well as aging. Mild thigh pain can be cured using simple home remedies. However, in certain conditions, thigh pain can be the result of some serious, fatal, or life-threatening cause for instance, deep vein thrombosis, hip dislocation, or bone fractures.

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If a person is facing difficulty walking or moving their leg; deformity of the thigh, hip, or knee; severe pain; sudden color changes or swelling of thigh; or uncontrolled and profuse bleeding thigh injury, then they must immediately be rushed to a medical care as these are the symptoms of life-threatening causes of throbbing pain in thigh.

Some causes of thigh pain have been explained below:

  • Prolonged Sitting for longer period of time without movement restricts [proper blood flow to the thigh region causing leg numbness.
  • Muscle Strain or muscle pull can occur suddenly while walking. This occurs due to hamstring pull from back of thigh, or due to strenuous sport activities.
  • Overexertion like heavy workouts or work cause throbbing pain due to weakened muscles and ligaments.
  • A condition called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction or SPD might happen due to pelvic muscle stretching. Additionally, excessive production of relaxin hormone to prepare the body for childbirth leads to pain in inner thighs while over softened pubic bone ligaments loosen up resulting in thigh pain.
  • Sharp pain in thigh could also be due to some potential underlying diseases, which includes osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, compartment syndrome, Ewing’s sarcoma, sciatica, and the like. Pain can also occur due to tumor in thigh bone or nervous disorder like tendinitis.


Symptoms that can occur due to throbbing pain in thigh

Thigh pain can be accompanied with other symptoms and this depends upon the underlying cause, disorder, condition or disease. Symptoms accompanying thigh pain includes bleeding; laceration or abrasion, bruising; burning or prickling sensation in thigh region; change in walking posture like limping; flu-like symptoms involving fatigue, fever, cough, headache, throat, aches and pains; joint pains and muscle spasms, restricted motion range; swelling in thigh region; pain, tingling and other abnormal feelings in the toes.

Additional symptoms caused due to thigh pain involve various body systems like neurological and cardiovascular systems.


Symptoms indicating life-threatening conditions due to pain in thigh

As explained above, certain causes for throbbing pain in thigh can be fatal and must be immediately reported to medical care. The difficulty lies in being able to identify such symptoms which differentiate a mild thigh pain from that of a severe one. The symptoms to identify serious thigh pain that needs immediate medical treatment includes:

  • Change in consciousness, fainting;
  • Chest Pain;
  • Difficulty in breathing, resulting to shortness of breath and/or wheezing;
  • Unusually pale or discolored, or cold leg;
  • Popping sound at the time of injury;
  • Reddish, swollen, somewhat warm calf or the legs;
  • Severe pain in the thigh region;

Severe deformity or swelling of the thigh, hip, or knee

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