Tingling in Fingertips

Tingling means an abnormal sensation which occurs in various parts of the body. It has been seen that this sensation mainly occurs in the finger tips and feet. Sometimes an individual may feel like a needle in pricking. Most of the time, there is no serious issue regarding the tingling sensation and you don’t have to go to the doctor for any kind of medications. It depends entirely upon the symptoms of tingling. The tingling sensation is commonly related to the hyper ventilation syndrome and panic attacks.

 Most Common Reasons for the Tingling in Fingertips

There are many common causes of tingling in your finger tips. When there is tingling in the finger tips then, this can result from most of the activities you do with your fingers like typing done in the type writer or in the key board for long time, you may also using your mobile for long time, all these activities can make your fingers or tips feel numb and tingling. And moreover, the sensation of tingling in your finger tips can also occur because you have kept your hand in one position from long time. It is also possible that you have exposed your hand or fingers in extreme cold weather or you have been holding a chilled bottle for long time. This can also cause the numbness and tingling sensation. Another common reason can be due to handling vibrating machines and heavy objects like jack hammer and the power saw can also cause tingling sensation in your finger tips. It is important to know about the main causes of tingling in the fingertips.

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 Main causes behind the Tingling Sensation in the Finger tips

There are many serious causes also for the numbness and tingling in the finger tips. You decide that which one of these main causes, you have experienced this king of sensation in your finger tips.

Lack of blood supply

Nerve injury



Multiple Sclerosis

Low electrolyte levels

Carpal tunnel Syndrome



Lack of Vitamin B12 or any other vitamins

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Peripheral neuropathy

Specific medicine

Immune deficiency

Radiation therapy


tingling in fingertips

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Treatment for the tingling in the finger tips

If you nerve is pressed, it is important for you to move your fingers from the stationary position. This can help you a lot and you can also move your head from left to right side ways and then again right to left side.

You should take good care of your fingers and hands, if you have some cuts or bruises in your fingers then you must use some medication. It is also important that you must keep your fingers and hand clean and free from any kind of injury, especially if you have diabetes. People suffering from diabetes, usually suffer from nerve pain and numbness. You should keep your blood sugar level as normal as possible.

You can maintain an ideal weight of your body according to your height, so that you can avoid exposure to toxins. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet, with all essential nutrients and vitamins in it. There will be no deficiency of vitamins in your body, if you eat a balanced diet.

Other precautions are like, avoid drinking alcohol and stop smoking, this will make your body healthy. Smoking stops the blood supply to the blood vessels, which are responsible for supplying the nutrients to the peripheral nerves.

Avoid using medicines, like painkillers and other psychological medicines like depression. If it is possible you to avoid these medicines then it will be good for your health. Do not take painkillers often, if it not very important.

It is important to go through diagnosis, so that you can know the main causes behind the tingling of finger tips. After the accurate diagnosis, you can go through the proper treatment and medications as prescribed by the doctor.

Home Remedies for  tingling in Finger tips

If there is no serious problem in tingling, then you can follow these simple home remedies. You will surely get instant relief from the sensation.

Warm Compress

Warm compress helps to supple blood in the affected area; this will relax your muscles and the nerves in the ginger tips. For this, you need a cloth and warm water. Dip the cloth in the warm water and squeeze excess water and then press lightly on the affected area. You can repeat this many times till the sensation of tingling is gone. Another option is to take warm shower; you can get relief with warm shower also.


Whenever you feel tingling, you must massage the affected area nicely; this will increase the blood circulation and make you feel relaxed. Take any oil like mustard oil, or olive oil in your palm and massage gently in the affected area in circular motions.


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