Tingling in Legs and Feet, Numbness – Causes

There are various reasons for the tingling in legs and feet. Some reasons are very common and normal but, there are few symptoms which require immediate medical attention. It is seen, that when we normally don’t sit or stand in a correct position, then we feel something like tingling or numbness in our various parts of the body. But when there are symptoms like loss of sensation, burning or prickling sensation along with tingling in legs and feet, then this may be causing due to heart stroke or any other heart issues or even due to diabetes. It is important for you to understand, the main symptoms because every individual will feel different symptoms and thus, the causes also will differ from each other. Read below the different symptoms of tingling in legs and feet.

The Main Symptoms of Tingling in Legs and Feet

If you had experienced tingling in your legs and feet recently, then you must try to remember how you actually felt it. Try to remember about some signs and symptoms, because there are usually some common symptoms and some are serious symptoms. Some of the common symptoms are as under.

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Some common symptoms are-




Muscle spasms

Burning sensation

Prickling sensation


If you have experienced any of these above symptoms, then you should not worry about the tingling in your legs and feet because there is no serious problem behind these symptoms. The most common reason can be very simple as you have been sitting in the same position for a long time and due to external pressure, the blood flow became slow in the legs and feet. But there are some serious symptoms that should not be avoided and you must go to the doctor at once, if you have felt these serious symptoms along with tingling in legs and feet.

Some serious symptoms are-

Breathing problem

Temporary paralysis

Blurred vision

Unable to control the bowel

Inability to walk or move

Dizziness or fatigue

Loss of consciousness

If you can recall, any of these above symptoms that has happened then you must visit to the doctor and find the main cause behind these symptoms. Some of the main causes of tingling in legs and feet are as under-

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 Causes of Tingling in Legs and Feet

tingling in legs and feet

Heart Problem

There are many problems in the heart as angina or heart attack and heart stroke, which can lead to the blockage of the blood clots and nerves are damaged. This can cause the tingling in the legs or in the feet. Sometimes there is also numbness in the limbs. Further, these problems can also lead to the heart stroke. You should go to your doctor at once, if you too experience any of these symptoms.


Diabetes is associated with many other health problems like overweight, heart problems, vision problem and also tingling in legs and in the feet. It is important to keep the blood sugar in control, so that you may avoid many other complications. When a person has uncontrolled diabetes, then this can damage the nerves in the body especially in the legs and feet. Proper check in blood sugar should be done in regular interval to protect other parts of your body.

Problem in Nervous System

Nervous system is responsible for various kinds of sensation on our body. If in case, there is any kind of damage done in the nervous system or in the tissue then the brain does not receive any kind of signal and it is unable to send any signals. In such cases, there is a feeling of tingling in the legs and in the feet. Other reasons for the damage in the nervous system are due to using certain medicines, alcoholism and drug abuse. If you have some injuries in your spinal cord, then also you may have the feeling of the tingling in legs and feet.

Other causes

Sometimes the tingling in the legs and feet can be due to the temperature, for example, if your legs are in contact with extremely cold weather or with cold water then you may get the feeling of tingling and numbness. Another reason can be of wearing uncomfortable shoes. If your shoes are too tight then you can experience the tingling. Even if you are suffering from Osteoporosis, mental poisoning, deficiency of the vitamin B12 and having any kind of injury in the back, then also you may feel tingling.

There different causes and symptoms for the tingling in your legs and in feet. You must visit to the doctor to know the best reason behind it, and then only it will be easy for you take the proper remedies and medications, that doctor will advice you.

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