Tragus Piercing


A tragus piercing is at the front side of the ear canal and is one of the most painful piercings. The piercing is done with the help of either a needle or a gun. Initially a small bead or ring is worn as jewelry. Tragus piercings started trending around the year 2005. The lobes have been the most popular choice for piercings till now but nowadays extremely fashionable folks are into tragus piercing as it gives a different look and makes them unique. Even though unlike nose piercings they need a lot of extra pressure due to tragus’s thickness.


Tragus Piercing – Is there pain involved?


Piercings are generally painful. However the intensity of pain varies according to the body part. The pain also depends on the piercer’s skills as some of them do get the piercing done without causing much pain. It also depends on how much pain a person can endure. Some people are too sensitive and might feel more pain and discomfort. The jewelry also plays an important role as the accessories like barbell are less pain causing as compared to a bead ring. Like pain, the bleeding also differs from one person to another also depending upon the location of the blood vessels location. Anyhow the pain and bleeding are temporary and reduce with time.

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Tragus Piercing  Infection – How to minimize it


Some common tragus accessories are Barbells, bead rings and studs. Some people directly use the jewelry to pierce such as a ring or a stud. The tragus is not just the most painful but the most prone part to infection. It is always recommended to get the piercing done by either a professional or in a clinic. The professionals generally use a law gauge and hollow needle which is inserted either in a curved direction or pierced straight into the tragus. The piercing lasts for a long time or till you don’t remove it yourself. However in order to ensure the longevity it is important to take extra care of it after the piercing.

Dos in a Tragus piercing

  1. Keep the tragus clean with the help of a saline mix right before and after the piercing. It also reduces the pain.
  2. Keep your hands clean to avoid infections. You can use an anti-bacterial solution.
  3. Clean the area twice or thrice a day
  4. Use cotton to clean or apply the solution
  5. Change your pillow cover regularly


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  1. Keep touching the pierced area. Avoid scratching it if it itches
  2. Let others touch the area
  3. Change the earrings for at least a month
  4. Sleep or answer the phone on the piercing side
  5. Wear cheap or artificial earrings


Tragus Piercing – Cost


The price of tragus piercing depends on the location and the kind of piercer you are going to. Usually high end piercing shops charge more which has got nothing to do with the expertise of their piercer. Before you go through the pain and discomfort for your unique fashion statement it is vital to do some research. There are some professionals who are skilled enough to cause you the least amount of pain and discomfort and you must try to find those kind ones instead of going to a random mediocre piercer. A professional will also suggest you the kind of accessory that will not only hurt less but also look good so that you don’t have to think about changing it. A lot of clinics also do different kinds of piercings. Getting it from a clinic with the medical assistance is as good a choice as going to a professional. Some clinics also give aftercare kits and suggestions to keep you out of all risks of infection and make your tragus piercing experience a good one. The charges at both will obviously be a little high but you can shell out that extra cash to avoid the future discomfort. In the United States the piercing can cost you anywhere between 10 dollars to 70 dollars.

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Tragus Piercing – Healing Time  and aftercare


Even though any kind of piercing can cause infections but the tragus is more vulnerable, especially if there is a lack of aftercare. It can also happen if you go to an unprofessional piercer. There is some bleeding after the piercing for a few hours. Later there is swelling and pain which lasts for almost a week. As long as the pain and swelling doesn’t stay more than a week you don’t have to worry but in the opposite case you might need to seek medical help. You could also experience redness and swelling around the piercing with some blood and pus discharge which needs the attention of a specialist.

The time need for the puncture to settle down can vary from 3 months to 6 months and more, but an average is usually four months. A good doctor who works on the aftercare procedure can positively impact the healing time of tragus piercing.

Tragus Piercing Jewelry


Accessories for tragus piercing are numerous in shapes and sizes as well as material. It is always better to avoid artificial metal as it increases the chances of infection. Some common ones are:

  1. Studs
  2. Rings
  3. Small gauges
  4. Barbells
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