White Flakes in Urine

Urination is one of the process by which the body gets rid of wastes that may cause harm were they to accumulate past manageable extents. A normal urinal discharge is usually clear with very minimal suspensions. Most of the times, it requires a very keen attention for one to see the solids present in their urine. White flakes in urine are rare in discharges by healthy individuals; however, they can happen to anyone.

While this symptom does not always point towards something serious, it is still important to be concerned about it. Some of the situations that may cause white flakes to appear in your discharge include the following:

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Peeled off skin

Some parts of the skin inside the urinal tract may peel off and disintegrate in urine. This is common when a person has scars from a previous infection or injury. If an individual underwent urinal tract surgery in the recent past, they may   have acquired abrasions, which developed into scars and are now peeling off after healing. Sometimes the white substances might be pieces of strings used surgery.


Certain minerals like calcium and phosphorous can also cause white residue in urine. This is especially common in people who drink underground water or liquids that are treated with chlorides. Some of these minerals deposit on the walls of bladders; after accumulating for a while, they collapse and come out with urine.

Yeast and bacteria

A healthy urinary tract has some level of bacteria and yeast that help to protect the body against entry of other dangerous organisms. Some deliberate or non-deliberate circumstances however cause interferences that might cause these organisms to increase in numbers beyond their safe limits. Presence of white stuff in urine may serve as an early warning for this problem.

Medication and alcohol

Certain medications and alcohol cause appearance of white substances in urine in individuals whose enzymes cannot break down ethanol efficiently. This may be due to presence of a disease or genetic condition. The discharge is often accompanied by a strong fishlike smell. If you ever experience this after taking prescriptions, it is important that you confirm from your general practitioner if it is an expected side effect.


During pregnancy, mothers may experience an elevated level of vaginal discharge, some of which may accompany urine. A lot of immune activities happen inside and outside the amnion sac. This involves production of leucocytes, some of which may find their way into the urinal tract, accompanied by mucus. This might cause the whitish appearances in urine.

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Elevated levels of discharge in pregnant women may also be a sign of infections. Constant and regular tests are therefore necessary to rule out that possibility as well as to address problems at their early stages.

After Intercourse

During ejaculation, some of the semen may not come out; they remain in the urethra and emerge during urination. Women who have had intercourse may also retain semen deposits inside them for a short while. This may contribute to the white specks in urine.

Under other circumstances, some men experience retrograde ejaculation, whereby the semen enters their bladders instead of travelling down the urethra. This is especially common in patients who have undergone urinal tract surgery. The condition might result in problems with fertility.

Kidney stones

Kidney stones usually arise from accumulation of calcium and debris inside the ducts in kidney. The substances may also spread to other parts of the urinary tract. Appearance of white flakes in urine can be a sign of developing kidney stones. An ultrasound will help to confirm this.

People who have experienced kidney problems before are highly susceptible to kidney stones recurrence. With or without a painful feeling, affected individuals should see a doctor immediately they witness such signs. At early stages, developing kidney stones do not require any surgery; the debris will be eliminated using prescriptions.

Your toilet

At times, the white stuff may not be coming from your body but from your toilet bowl. You should confirm this before taking further steps.

Symptoms accompanying white flakes in urine

For harmless releases, there are usually no accompanying symptoms. However, this may also happen at earlier stages of an infection.

If your urine produces a strong smell, especially when you have not consumed alcohol or medications related to ethanol, it might be a sign of a developing internal infection.

A patient having infections may start to feel itch which may later turn to pain during discharge. Certain diseases like gonorrhea and cancroids may cause visible wounds on the outside surfaces of private parts.

When you have white flakes in urine, only a reliable observation from a doctor will determine what is causing it. Even if you feel that it’s nothing serious, it is still important to go for tests. Remember that most health problems can be addressed better in their early stages.

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  1. John says:

    I peed in a bottle and left in a dark area and a week or later I noticed mildly big white flakes in my urine inside the bottle, it stayed at the bottom of the bottle and when I freshly peed in the bottle my urine was cloudy. I’m thinking it may be parasites?

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