White Particles in Urine


The urinary system or renal system is responsible for producing, storing, and excreting urine from the body. Urine is the fluid waste that is excreted by kidneys. Kidneys filter waste and remove excess water in blood; therefore, it helps create a balance of water and chemicals in body. The appearance of urine could indicate something about your health. When you notice white particles in urine, there may be no need to panic. This is something common especially in women. Having white stuff in urine without any other accompanying symptom may not be a cause for concern; however, if this is accompanied by other symptoms like fever and pain, then you might need to make an appointment with a doctor. In case the problem occurs overnight, consider heading to emergency room because it may be a sign of a serious condition. What exactly causes the white particles you see in urine?

Causes of white particles in urine

Many things could cause urine to have white particle suspended, and while this may indicate a number of underlying conditions, some may not be serious. At times, the white clumps in urine could be signifying something serious that needs medical attention. Sediments in urine may appear as white suspension. When you have sediments like phosphate debris may cause the urine to have white particles. This isn’t something to worry so much about because the white stuff may just be detached walls of the lining of your urinary tract. Presence of yeast and fungus in urinary tract may cause the detaching of the urinary tract wall lining.

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Kidney stones may also bring this appearance of urine. When the white stuff you see look like sand granules, these may be the stones that are dissolving. People with kidney stones may time in time have changes in color of their urine as the stones dissolve. The kidney stones can affect other parts f the tract and result in complication. It is important to see a doctor if you suspect you have kidney problems or the white stuff in urine continue to appear. Having urinary tract infection may be another reason you are seeing white particles in urine. Urine is clear and takes the color of amber to yellow.

Urine does not contain bacteria, viruses, or fungi but wastes and fluids from the body. However, bacterial infection can occur in urinary tract which make the urine to look cloudy and have white particles suspended in it. Escherichia coli is a common bacterium that attaches to urethra opening and can spread to other parts of the tract. When you have these bacteria, the urine may appear cloudy with white particles. See a doctor for a check up to determine of you have urinary tract infections because these can spread to other parts including the bladder and kidneys. The urinary tract may also be infected with parasites like filariasis and schistosomiasis. These parasites may appear as white particles suspended in urine.

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white particles in urine

Having a parasitic infection like trichomoniasis may cause increased production of mucus that may appear as threads in urine. People who have fungal infections such as candidiasis may also show white stuff in urine. You may also notice the presence of white particles in urine if you have diseases bladder cancer and polyps. Therefore, you would want to seek for medical help in order to rule out the possibility of having cancer particularly if these suspensions are occurring for a long time.

Bacterial vaginosis is another condition, which may cause vaginal discharge that results in cloudy urine. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when bacteria naturally present in vagina tend to multiply and spread too much. A woman with bacterial vaginosis will show symptoms such as foul, fishy smell coming out from the vagina and increased vaginal discharge. The discharge may be gray or white causing a woman to have itching sensation around her vagina. Naturally, there is some amount of yeast found in vagina and this does not cause problems unless it overgrows.

Monilia yeast infection can occur when the yeast in vagina grows at alarming rates. This happens mainly when the pH of vaginal tract changes and a woman may have increased vaginal discharge and clumpy white discharge, which looks like cottage cheese. There is also burning and itching sensation that is coupled with redness around the vaginal area.

Treatment of white particles in urine

In case you notice white particles in urine, you would want to see a doctor. When this occurs once and it disappears, and there are no other symptoms like pain and fever, you may not need seeing a doctor. However, if it is persistent and it is being accompanied by other symptoms, it may a signs of infection or disease. You may need to undergo various tests to determine the cause of the white stuff in urine. Treatment is based on what is causing the particles you see in urine for example a yeast, fungus, bacteria, or other infections.

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