White Specks in Stool


Often than not, people say that they are observing change in stool color with some white specks. While this may not be a rare problem and has been noticed by many people, it can at times mean a serious condition that needs to be investigated. There are various reasons why the color of stool may change and most likely, it may be due to use of medication, a health condition affecting the release of bile juice, or foods a person has eaten.

The color of stool is usually brown due to the digestion facilitated by bile salts made by the liver. Bile salts are stored in gallbladder and whenever there is insufficient amount of these digestive agents reaching the stomach, it may result in white specks in stool. Inadequate bile reaching stool may be due to blocking of bile where it does not get to the intestines, or at times, the liver may not be producing enough of these digestive agents.

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Why do you see white specks in stool?

In case you are seeing white specks in stool, it may be due to one or more of the following conditions or situations. Lack of bile may be one reason you are seeing white specks in your stool. The normal color of stool is brown because it has bile juice that encourages digestion of fat in diet.

A problem in stool color like white specks could mean that there is an issue with the release and production of bile. This may happen due to some diseases like hepatitis and cirrhosis, which impair the function of liver. At times, the liver may be okay but the gallbladder is not releasing sufficient amount of bile because of an underlying condition like cholecystitis. This may again result in white stool.

You may also see white specks in stool in case you have excess mucus being produced in the inner lining of intestines. Mucoid stools contain excess amount of mucus. This occurs due to an infection, inflammation, or allergy. The excess mucus may appear whitish in stool.

Conditions that affect the lining of intestines such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, and colitis may be responsible for the excess production of mucus. These conditions tend to irritate the lining of intestines and make it difficult for the body to digest food properly. Sometimes, a patient may have abnormal bowel movements, weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, and muscle weakness or even headaches.

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People seeing white speck in their stool, it may be due to use of certain medications. The stool may show white balls when you take medicines such as antacids which contain aluminum hydroxide, which causes stool to appear white. You may notice the stool appears pale. The white balls you see in stool may also be capsules of drugs you might have taken.

When the immune system is not working properly, you may notice presence of white balls in stool. This might be due to clumps of fungi or dead Candida cells. People who are lactose intolerant may see the white specks in stool after they take dairy products like cheese, butter, and milk because the body may not be able to digest these foods.

A digestion system that isn’t working properly may also be another reason you are seeing white spots on stool. Constipation, nutritional imbalances, muscle weaknesses, diarrhea, and excess weight loss can lead to digestive system problems. People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome that affects the colon may have mucus and white balls in stool accompanied by other symptoms such as bloating, gas, pain, and abdominal cramps.

In case there is excess amount of calcium in body, it may result in white specks in stool. People who lift heavy weights may accumulate calcium in their system, which eventually leaves the body through stool, and it looks like white patches. Sometimes, the excess calcium may leave the body through urine appearing whitish.

When you are sensitive to gluten, you may release pale, oily stools. This may be due to improper digestion of fat because of a condition known as steatorrhea. In this case, the body passes fat in stool making it look oily and whitish.


What you need to do when you notice white specks in stool


There are many situations, which may cause the stool to have white balls. If the situation persists and you rule out that it is not occurring due to foods you have taken, you may want to see a doctor. It may be an issue pertaining to lack of bile, which needs to be investigated because it may be a serious condition such as problem of the gallbladder or liver.

In case the white specks are being caused by medications you have taken, a doctor may want to replace or stop the medication to resolve the issue. Consult with a doctor when you have white spots appearing in your stool. And in case of calcium build up, you can drink vinegar since it helps dissolve and remove the substance from your body.

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