White Stuff in Urine


Urinary system in body in conjunction with other organs helps balance the level of chemicals and water in body. The urinary system is also responsible for removal of waste products in body. The amount of urine you will pass is mainly impacted by quantity of fluids you take. The rate of sweating and breathing may also affect the amount of urine passed. At times, you may find that there is white stuff in urine. When you notice white stuff in your urine, you should not panic since it is a common situation in many people.

However, when the white stuff is accompanied by fever and pain, you may want to consult with a doctor. In case the problem persists for more than a day or more, you may want to head to emergency room- ER, in the soonest possible time.

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Causes of white stuff in urine

White stuff appearing in urine can indicate an underlying condition. Sometimes, when white clumps are present in urine, they may indicate rather a worrying condition, which needs immediate medical attention. Some of the possible causes of white stuff appearing in urine are such as sediments and urinary tract infections.

When sediments appear in alkaline urine, they are mainly associated with phosphate debris. It is a common occurrence and therefore, you need not worry much. The white stuff may actually be detached walls of the lining of urinary tract. Yeast and fungus may also lead in this problem. The fungus and yeast present in urinary tract could come out as sediments in urine that appear whitish.

Urine is usually clear in normal circumstances and the color may range from amber to yellow. Urine tends to be free of microbes like fungi, viruses, and bacteria and mainly consists of fluids and waste products that are being excreted from the body. When you have a bacterial infection affecting the urinary tract, it may cause the urine to appear cloudy. This may appear as white tiny particles that are suspended in the urine.

white stuff in urine

When bacteria referred to as Escherichia coli attach to urethra’s opening and begin to spread, it may cause an infection. In case you suspect that you might have UTIs, it is important to consider seeing a doctor for more examination.

Infection in the urinary tract can spread to bladder and could even affect kidneys. The white stuff you may be seeing in urine looking like sand granules may indicate that you suffer from kidney stones. In case you have had kidney stones previously, it is most likely that the condition may reoccur.

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When kidney stones reoccur, it can also affect the urinary tract. It may cause various complications. You may notice white clumps in urine. When you suspect you have this problem, seek help of a medical doctor for further examination.

Other causes of white stuff in urine may be parasitic infections and bacterial vaginosis. Parasites like filariasis and schistosomiasis may affect the urinary tract. The parasites will appear as white suspended particles in urine. Similarly, parasitic urinary tract infections such as trichomoniasis may result in production of mucus threads that may appear as suspended particles in urine.

Moreover, fungal infections such as Candida are also known to cause white stuff in your urine. Bladder cancer, polyps, and other serious conditions may also be associated with the white particles in urine. Therefore, when you notice the white suspensions in urine and they do not seem to go away, consider seeking medical help.

White stuff in urine (in females)

Apart from the above causes, there can be some specialized reasons for the white stuff in urine, in females. Bacterial vaginosis is one condition, which may cause the urine to have white suspensions. When this infection occurs in vagina, it can spread too fast and a woman may have symptoms such as foul smell from the vagina, increased discharge that is gray or white, and itching or burning sensation around the vagina. It is important you seek medical attention because when bacterial vaginosis is left untreated, it may result in serious health problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease.

A yeast infection is another possible cause of white stuff in urine. Under normal circumstance, there is some yeast in vaginal tract. At times, the yeast can overgrow and cause conditions like monilia or yeast infection. This usually happens when the pH of vagina is altered.

A woman with yeast or monilia infection has symptoms such as increased vaginal discharge, burning and itching accompanied by redness in the vaginal area and clumpy whitish discharge, which looks like cottage cheese.

White stuff in urine (in males)

Another condition known as retrograde ejaculation may result in whitish sediments in urine. This condition occurs when semen ends up in urinary bladder instead of coming out of penis in time of ejaculation. This occurs in men and it is likely that you will notice the white stuff appearing in urine when you are urinating. This can happen in men who have had a prostate surgery previously.

It may also indicate that the upper sphincter muscle of urinary tract is not closing as needed or the lower sphincter muscle is not opening when ejaculating. This is a problem that can be corrected. In case you have white clumps appearing in urine and they are accompanied by itching and pus, it is an indicator for STD and you would want to seek for check up and treatment.

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