Zoom Whitening

Zoom whitening treatment is a teeth whitening process done by exfoliating stains from the inside of patient’s teeth in order to restore their natural white coloration state. The  procedure uses 25% hydrogen peroxide gel which is activated before usage through a unique UV light. The person undergoing the procedure has all of their facial features like lips, eyes, and gums completely protected and covered during the entire procedure. The procedure comprises three fifteen minute sessions involving application of new coat of whitening gel after each session because of the old gel being removed from the teeth. The process helps in the removal of stains acquired from various food styles over the years, leaving behind the natural teeth color.

What are the Side Effects of Zoom teeth whitening Treatment?

Even though the procedure shows immediate results and is effective, it has certain side-effects as follows:

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  • The teeth after being subjected to zoom teeth whitening becomes dehydrated as they lose their moisture during the 45 minute long procedure. The moisture is regained over a period of several days. This is one reason why doctors advise patients not to pick the color for any kind of cosmetic dental work the very same day. It is advisable to wait at least for a week before choosing the shade for the dental work.
  • Zoom teeth whitening does not change the color of teeth that have been subjected to previous dental works. This doesn’t imply that a person cannot go for teeth whitening procedure if they have a previously dental work done like a filling, crown or veneer. So what is done is the rest of the teeth are colored to match that of the bonding ones and this is done based on the patient’s decision.
  • White streaks or spots found on teeth that we do not even realize owing to the layers of stain present on our teeth, become highlighted by zoom teeth whitening procedure as they become even whiter. The excessively bright s get blended with the teeth whitening color over the period of few days but there are higher chances of these portions standing out more in initially.
  • The initial 48 hours post teeth whitening are very crucial as during this time the pores in the enamel are open, making the teeth prone to absorbing stains more rapidly than before. The dental clinics doing the whitening procedure provide the patients a complete list of foods they can eat and the ones they cannot including drinks that they consume and the ones they cannot. In case someone eats or drinks something they were not supposed to, they are to brush their teeth and rinse them immediately.
  • Teeth sensitivity during as well as after eth whitening procedure is a crucial aspect and one of the main concerns of patients. While most pats complete all the three sessions, it is not mandatory to complete all three sessions. Clients can inform the doctors when to stop depending upon the intensity of sensitivity they can endure and the procedure is stopped immediately. Patients can also request for anti-sensitivity toothpaste that when applied before treatment helps to lessen sensitivity.
  • Not advisable for children below 13 years of age.
  • Not advisable for women during pregnancy or in their lactating phase because even if the treatment involves .01% risks, that can also have drastic impact on the fetus.

Sensitivity Post Whitening and Pain Management Ways

The procedure leads to moderate to severe levels of sensitivity and pain for a minute percentage of people along with added discomfort post whitening. This can be prevented by stopping the treatment at the right point by teeth doctors to prevent increasing sensitivity and discomfort. Sometimes asking the doctor to stop at the correct time or gauging the intensity of sensitivity becomes difficult. In that case, the clients can use an anti-sensitivity tooth paste to lessen sensitivity. Pastes like M.I. made with a milk derived protein, Recaldent soothes the nerves present inside each tooth that are responsible for causing sensitivity.  Taking anti- inflammatory medicines such as Advil, Ibruprofen, etc. also helps soothe the nerves causing sensitivity. In case of severe sensitivity, people are advised to take additional Tylenol tablets – 2 tablets of 400mg each along with Ibruprofen. Patients can use Sensodyne at home to relieve their teeth of mild sensitivity.

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What are the Costs Incurred for Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment?

 The cost of Zoom teeth whitening procedure on an average is $500. This price includes the complete 45 minute session in addition to pack of supplemental medicines and products the client can take home and use, which will help to maximize the results of the teeth whitening procedure. Maximum dentistry cosmetic treatments do not get covered by dental insurances. Zoom teeth whitening expenses are thus unaffected by most of the insurance plans.


Zoom Whitening Pictures (Before and After)

zoom whitening before and after images

zoom whitening before and after photos

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